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  • Here are five straight reasons why you should plan on getting your home a second car garage. You will not realize the need for a second car garage until unless you start noticing the benefits of installing one. As you know that many business and tech giants in the world started at garages, you already know how beneficial garages can be. But apart from that, here are the other reasons why it can be a good idea.

    Room for all your cars

    If you have more than 1 car, why don’t you have a second garage yet? You need space for all your cars. The more cars you have, the more garage space you will need. Keeping your precious cars outside in the hot sun and bad weathers can damage the colour and damage the tires by a lot. This rule does not go only for cars, but also bikes, bicycles, and other sports equipment such as surfboards and skiing gear. Many people do not feel the need for another garage door because they think they can manage with their front yard. Considering the crime and theft rates, it is a wise choice to get a second garage. Garage

    Extra Storage

    Not just the cars, but also for the things which you cannot keep in your living room, garages are a good option. People use their car garages to storing old clothes, carpets, heirlooms, etc. Sometimes a single garage can become too congested for keeping everything and still have enough room for your car. So, in such cases, getting a second garage will make your space much cleaner and more organized. An extra garage will serve the purpose of the extra room.

    Room for DIY Car Repair

    You can make your own personalized car repair garage if you have a second space. You can keep one for storing your car and one for all the repair and customization that you want to experiment on your cards and motorbikes. You can keep the automotive tools and get dirty on the space to fix your car. It is an experience which will connect you better with your machines. You can also store and keep maintaining your antique cars. You can become a DIY repair and customer artist for your own cars in your added garage.

    Plenty of Recreational Space

    Not only you need the second space for your car storage, but you might need it to have additional recreational space. If you have room left in your second garage after you keep your car, you can use it for a pool table, paintings, mini-bar, mini-gym, and whatnot. It can become your hangout space in your recreational time so you can give time to yourself and your creativity. Park

    Improve the value of your home

    Overall a second garage will add to the curb appeal of your house. It will cost a sum of money to build a second garage, and that will get added up to the overall value of your house. A double garage is an attractive feature for home buyers, and it can get you better prices on the resale value so you will always be in profit.

  • Garage doors are heavy enough to cause impactful damage in case something breaks in its functioning. A garage door with a broken spring in the closed condition is the safest you can be, and the door should not be opened until the spring is repaired. But in case of the emergencies, you might need to take your car out, and you cannot wait for a repairman to fix your door spring. So in such cases, you will have to be extra careful about opening a garage door. However, when you get your car out the first thing that we recommend you to do is bring the repair specialist as you cannot take this task on your own as it can be very dangerous. If you do it wrong, the door can fall out of control and wreck your valuables and cause injuries. Door Repair Here are the things you must do while opening a broken garage door on your own (only in cases of emergencies). Step 1: Call a friend You cannot handle this task on your own no matter how powerful you are. You will need assistance to hold the door while you work on the dismantling and two hands are not enough for this task. The door can weigh up to 350 pounds, and you need to get the best help you can to hold it in place and lift it to not break anything more. The more helping hands, the better. Step 2: Get two ladders You will need two ladders to keep on both the sides of the garage door. Get 6-foot step ladders or higher, make sure that it matches the height of the door. They do not have to be as high as the door, but high enough so you can manage your business. If you need to get your car out and if you can do that with 3/4th of the height of the door, you are good to go. You will not be standing on these ladders, and you will need space in between the ladders to take your car out. Step 3: Get two crowbars Place and slip the two crowbars on both the sides of the door and lift the garage door up. You will need the help of your friend to lift both sides at the same time.

    Step 4: Left the door This will be the hardest part so you and your friend will have to be extra careful. Lift the door up to a height you want and clamp it with heavy-duty clamps. Make sure that the clamps take the pressure of your heavy garage doors. Attach the clamps to the lowest roller on the garage door. This will keep the door in place while you perform the next task. Step 5: Put the ladders under the door When the door is clamped, it is time to put the step ladders under the door. You need to be quick with it while the clamps are holding the door up. Be careful while placing the ladders under the door as they will support the door until it is repaired.

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